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Artists have always been at the forefront of shaping our world’s ability to dream and imagine. But all too often, limitations arise: a lack of funding, hesitant collaborators, technology that is clunky and overpowering (or simply not the aesthetic you are looking for).

We believe that a barrier-breaking power arises when the human form meets and interacts with augmented intelligence. We want to break those barriers — financial, emotional, digital, and aesthetic — with you.


our services make it possible.


With interdisciplinary experience in the performing arts and access to a wide range of digital interfaces, we will offer guidance and resources that empower you to integrate technology into your unique arts practice.

This service is relevant to artists at every level: we find scalable and affordable technologies for independent productions, and we design custom solutions for organizations looking to expand their reach.

custom tech

Raise the bar for what’s possible with custom augmented intelligence (AI) for your project. Through in-depth consultations, we design exactly what you need while pushing boundaries in surprising ways.

We will build you something uniquely yours. Our creations engage the human form with digital innovations, sparking conversations about the affordances of augmented intelligence.

grant advising

Are you currently pursuing funding? Whether you are an emerging creator operating on limited budgets, or mid-career artists looking to stand out in a crowded field, we take the questions out of the grant writing process for you.

We can help you find grants that fit your needs, adjust the language of an existing application to make it engaging for reviewers, create insightful pre-visualizations of the intended work, or refer you to technologies that will expand your project’s horizons.

interface training

Our technical artists and designers can show you how to get the most out of the interfaces you’re already working with, as well as prepare you to troubleshoot in fast-paced live settings.

// c++, JS, C# AI libraries and frameworks

// projection mapping

// 3D engines and 3D asset creation

// CD/CI pipelines

// Message Queue (MQ) services for distributed architectures

// unit testing

// code documentation


Pull your vision into reality with pre-production mockups, animatics, and samples that will help you hone your ideas collaboratively.

// photo manipulation to integrate technical elements

// 3D animated virtual sets with lighting, props, and costumes from your production designs

// kinetic performance capture to visualize your own choreography within your virtual set

ongoing partnership

We partner with you from idea to final product, strengthening your performance with our unique approach. Our partnerships will push your concept of what’s possible — and help you build connections with supporters and stakeholders along the way.

For established organizations, a partnership will create a fruitful, enriching dialogue. Together, we will pioneer new modes of performance, dissolve the fifth wall, and attract untapped audiences to your productions.



we challenge you to create growth-oriented, emotionally accessible art that feeds the soul.


no matter what stage you’re in.

emerging creators

\\ Get targeted advice that makes the most of your current resources

\\ Develop avenues for acquiring the new resources you need

\\ Establish a sustainable, embodied arts practice

independent artists

\\ Create unique systems that will reach new audiences

\\ Understand the nuances of your interfaces through in-depth training

\\ Write engaging grant applications

established organizations

\\ create new audiences for performing arts

\\ find your path in the limitless possibilities of virtual space

\\ Create genre-shattering performances that will redefine the industry


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“Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow.”